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Excellence in Education to the Glory of God
King's Education Group
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ACSI South Africa www.acsi.co.za         ACSI International www.acsi.org

We are a member of the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), a worldwide umbrella organisation representing over 5 200 schools across the globe.

There are over 90 ACSI schools in South Africa, of which The King's School West Rand is the first of two South African schools to have International ACSI Accreditation.

The Association of Christian Schools International is an international association that represents Christian Schools all over the world. The Head Office is in Colorado Springs in the USA and the President is Dr Larry Taylor. ACSI South Africa serves over 90 independent schools that are serious about Christ Centred education in South Africa.

ACSI’s Vision

To be an association speaking with a viable and authoritative voice in education and consisting of effective Christian schools recognized as essential and contributing to the public good so that Christian school students worldwide acquire wisdom, knowledge and a biblical worldview as evidenced by a lifestyle of character, leadership, service, stewardship and worship

ACSI’s Mission

To enable Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively prepare students for life.

ACSI’s Core Values

Biblical Philosophy: A thoroughly biblical philosophy of education should be implemented in Christian schools in all cultural contexts.

Parental Education Responsibility: Parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children; the school serves the Christian home.

Biblical Integration: The biblical integration of every planned learning experience is crucial to effective Christian schooling.

Great Commission: Students and educators in Christian schools worldwide should be involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Bible as a Core Subject: The teaching of Bible as a core subject is essential to the academic curriculum.

Academic Excellence: Schools should be committed to academic excellence, maximizing each student’s potential.

Critical Thinking: Students should learn how to process information and think critically in the context of a biblical worldview.

Non-Discrimination: The teaching/learning process in Christian Schools should reflect a Christ-like sensitivity, relevant to a diverse school community.

School Improvement: Christian schools should be involved in a plan of consistent evaluation and Assessment for continuous improvement.

Professional Development: Professional resources and training are vital for the development and growth of Christian educators and schools.

Networking: The ministry of Christian schooling can best be accomplished through cooperation with other appropriate individuals, agencies and organizations in providing programmes, materials and services.

Educational Choice: The opportunity for Christian schooling should be accessible to families as a means of evangelizing, nurturing, and discipling students for a life of service to God and society.

ACSI is committed to respond to the needs of Christian schools and lead its membership to spiritual and academic excellence.

ACSI Services to Member Schools

Engagement with government as member of the National Alliance of Independent School Associations (NAISA)

Legal Advice – Policy monitoring and legislation as well as legal assistance to schools

Provincial representation on the Joint Liaison Committees in all provinces there are ACSI schools

Representation at the ETDP SETA

Communications products: National Newsletter; Christian Early Education – magazine published quarterly; Christian School Education - magazine published quarterly. Monthly Newsletter and regular updates to all schools

Website: Hosting for Member schools as well as updated information

Membership Surveys to assist schools in budgeting, planning, benchmarking and Spiritual Formation assessment.

World-wide connections, including Principal’s tours to Canada, the Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs, the International Institute for Christian School Educators in Columbia University, North Carolina, the International Christian Educators Conference (ICEC) in Africa

Student exchange programmes (nationally and internationally) as well as National and International Student Leadership Conferences

Curriculum support and material developed by educational experts

Membership of the ACSI Provident fund

Professional Development: Workshops, conferences and events, including annual Educators, Leadership and Student Conferences.

Quality Assurance: International Accreditation

Post vacancy and CV lists

Networking: Opportunities to reach out to others of like mind with Christian schools worldwide

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